Oxford Biochronmetrics

Oxford Bio-Chronometrics

Two-step verification keeps your site safe and annoys your customers. Get better protection and greater usability with NoMoreCaptchas by Oxford Biochronometrics.

Instead of annoying Captcha codes or error-prone blacklists, NoMoreCaptchas uses behavior to determine what a user is – a person or a bot. Using the advanced, enterprise-level security of bio-chronometric markers that cannot be copied, NoMoreCaptchas provides better security for your site.

Use it wherever you would use Captcha and watch your users access your site faster and more reliably. Free for personal use and free for 30 days for businesses.

Win a Free Year of NoMoreCaptchas Pro! Just register and install your free trial of NoMoreCaptchas then tweet to us with the Asheville WordCamp hashtag #wcavl that you did. If you don’t win the first time, we’ll have multiple drawings throughout the year, so be sure to stay tuned!
Visit NoMoreCaptchas.com/WordCamp for all the details.