Digital Fridge

We plaster the stories of our lives to the front of our refrigerators. We use our refrigerators to display the creative artwork of our children. We post important dates and reminders on the front right where we can see them. We place notes to family members on it and we have pictures of family and friends on it. The refrigerator becomes the easel for the visuals that tell the stories of our lives. Every company and organization has a story that they want to tell. That’s what Digital Fridge does; help you tell your story to others.

Located in Johnson City, TN, Digital Fridge was founded in 2006 by Kyle Long with the goal of producing videos that motivate and create positive change in businesses, organizations, institutions and communities. Digital Fridge has formed a team of videographers, editors, and designers that have earned the reputation of being one of the most reliable and capable production companies in the region.